Friday, July 9, 2010

The Beginning of My Journey (Post #3)

Today, I received shocking news from a friend who read my blog. My friend told me that even people who are devotees of Krishna can sometimes go their whole lives without a clear vision of him (awakenings). She said that I'm very special, because Krishna has chosen me as his own and put his love in my heart. She also said that I am like a angel, that I have the power to turn bad/negative situations into good/positive ones.

I want to one day, help children learn about the ways of Hinduism and teach them to have the love of Krishna/the gods in their hearts. Children like me for some reason and look up to me. They are the future and we should cherish them. It is very inspiring to see the reaction of your teachings in them, them doing good and having the love of Krishna/the gods in their hearts :D!

I want to also share something to you. My boyfriend said to me a few days ago...
"You need to learn on your own to fix your own habits, not rely on me or you will never learn from your mistakes."

That is so very true indeed!!!
You can not learn to fix things, if you rely on someone to do it for you. It makes you lazy. Put your life in motion, make it worth something. Krishna and the gods gave you a life so make the most of it.

One of my favorite personal quotes...
"May the Gods bless you. Thank the Gods for everyday is a blessing, a gift. Don't let your life go to waste. Celebrate your life and praise the Gods always, for they have created you. They gave you a life, a heart, and a soul. Be glad your alive. Always do good, never do bad (Karma)."

I strive to live it in my heart and share my knowledge and love for Krishna/the gods, with others. I hope to inspire people to do good, and have love for Krishna/the gods too!