Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Beginning of My Journey (Post #2)

Well I'm making another post to explain about how I got interested in Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma). I met a wonderful Guy (He is now my boyfriend and we've been together for almost a year now) and he invited me over to his families house. At first things seemed strange at first. I saw: crosses, pictures of Krishna, Jesus and other various gods in their home. Little did I know about them at first, but it seemed like they were calling to me. I was curious to find out more about those images, so I went on a quest to find out.

One day I asked my boyfriend what religion he was and he said he was Christian. I also asked if his mom was Christian and he said "no, she is practicing Hinduism, and she goes to a temple for service." I wanted to know what Hinduism was, so I started research. Then one day, Just before I was to go to Catholic Church, I was online and had the urge to research some more and it hit me...The more information I found out about Hinduism, the more I felt connected with this religion, and less connected with Catholicism. I remember one night in particular, I had a dream, but it was no ordinary dream. In my dream it seemed like I was at some music concert. As I watched, I saw dancers dancing and chanting. As the dream went on there was sounds to it and people were chanting "Hail Krishna". I decided to find out more, so I started reading the Gita and instantly knew that Hinduism was the religion for me.

I didn't want to be Catholic anymore. I hated all the rules, that if you did even a tincy thing wrong it was considered a sin. I felt more comfortable with myself by practicing Hinduism. I understood the meaning that heart, mind, body, and soul should be at perfect balance in order to find God. I believed that In my past life I was a practicer of Hinduism. I found a connection to the name AAshna, when I was randomly bored and looked up Indian baby names. Aashna means: beloved, devoted to love. I like that and maybe it was my name in my past life. Who knows, it could a sign for the future. I hope to one day find peace with myself and create a great future for my future family (whenever that may be) and teach them the wonderful ways of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma).